About SELAH ...

The band was somewhat of a miracle in itself. Selah was founded in 1971 by Eddie Vincent Fisher and Paolo Emilio Dionisio. The two started out as a duo. A month later, while attending a Bible study, Eddie and Paolo were completely overtaken when a lovely young lady sang a song she had written. Her name was Kristina Linder. In no time the nucleus of Selah was formed. The believers gave their approval with joy and excitement.

In June of 1971, Michael Leb, a premiere bass player, joined the band, and, in November of 1971, the band moved to Ohio where Joseph Maestri, a world-class drummer, joined the group.

In the following years, Selah would bless thousands of people across the nation and the world with their music and sharing of God's Word...and they praised God with a melody in their hearts.

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About Paolo Emilio Dionisio ...

In the Basilicata region of southern Italy, high up in the mountains, lies the small village of Tricarico, birthplace of Paolo Emilio Dionisio. For the first nine years of his life, Paolo's childhood, though very poor, was typically carefree. His life was filled with love, music, and mischief. Where there was music, you found little Paolo; but, through bizarre and ultimately tragic circumstances, he was sent to America alone. He was placed in an orphanage called the Dante Home in Concordville, Pennsylvania and was adopted three times by his fifteenth birthday. A short time later, he would endure a harrowing tour of duty in Viet Nam. At his return in 1967, Paolo packed his bags, and he and a few friends from his old neighborhood left King of Prussia and headed west for California.

From his earliest years, Paolo demonstrated an unusual talent for music and voice, and he and several close friends formed a rock band called Blue Magic, a group that quickly became northern California's top rock band. In 1969, Blue Magic, along with Canned Heat and Sugarloaf, signed contracts with Liberty Records. In attendance were Harry Bellafonte and Universal president Warren Brown. The band eventually signed with the prestigious William Morris Agency at a party given in their honor in Los Angeles at the Universal Sheraton Hotel.

Through yet another set of extraordinary circumstances in 1970, Paolo's best friend, Eddie, introduced him to a Bible ministry that changed his life forever. He has been blessing people through songs and teachings for thirty years and continues to do so.

A member of ASCAP.

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